Adwa ADll & AD12 Waterproof pH Testers

USER MANUAL ADll & AD12 Waterproof pH Testers


Adwa warrants this product to be free of dcfccts in material and vvorkmanship äs stated in the operating manual. If repair or adjustment is necessary and has not been the result of abuse. misuse or improper handling within the warranty period, pleasc contacl yourdealerornearest Adwa Office for the RGA(Rc-turn Goods Authorization) number to put on Ihe outside of your package. Warranted service will he made vvithout Charge. The meter is warranted for a period of 2 years, while probes are warrantcd for 6 months. The warranty period commences Iroin the original date of sale. Warranty is only valid when the product is used under normal conditions and in accordance with the instruction manual.

The war-ranty is void if the instrument is repaired or serviced by unauthorized personnel, not used in accordance to the instructions, or iF non-Adwa accessories such äs buffer Solutions, probes, etc. are used in conjunc-tion with the meter. Adwa will not be held respon-sible for any aecident whether directly or indirectly, caused by the use of this instrument.

Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing an Adwa product.

Please read carefully this manual before staiting operations.
These Instruments are in coinpliance with the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and Low \61tage Directive 73/23/EEC for electrical equipments.
For additional technical information, please e-mail us at sales(«)

ADll and ADll are waterproof pH and tem-perature testers. The housing has been com-pletely sealed against humidity. All pH readings are automatically temperature compensated (ATC), and temperature valucs can be displayed in °C or °F units. The meter can becalibrated at one or two points for pH with auto-buffer recognition and against five memorized bufFer values. Measurements are highly accurate with a unique stability indicator right on the LCD. The mod-els are also provided with a low battery symbol which warns the user when the batteries need to bc replaced.

The AD1IP pH electrode, supplied with the meter, is interchangeable and can be easily re¬placed by the user.
The encapsulated temperature sensor allows fast and accurate temperature measurement and compensation.
Each meter is supplied complete with: D ADll P pH electrode D 4 x l ,5V batteries, button type D User manual.



1. Dual line LCD
2. ON/OFF/ MODE button
3. pH electrode & temperature sensor
4. Electrode body
5. Battery compartment (inside)
6. SET/HOLD button
7. Clip holder


1. Stability indicator (hourglass symbol)
2. Low battery warning indicator
3. Calibration mode / calibrated meter indication
4. ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) indicator
5. Secondary LCD level
6. Primary LCD level
7. Measurement unit for primary level

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